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Austria Erit In Orbe Ultima (Austria will live on forever). .

Emperor Friedrich III (1415-1493)

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The land flourished because it was fed from so many sources–because it was nourished by so many cultures and traditions and peoples.

Lyndon B. Johnson

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Tolerance means treating the fellow human beings with respect and granting them equal rights.

Rudolf Kirchschlaeger (Austrian President, 1915-2000)

About us

The Law Office of Franz Scharf provides its clients with legal representation and advice across a wide spectrum of practice areas. Our team of legal professionals has a track record of expertise and professionalism.

With respect to immigration-related subject areas, we focus on citizenship law (including dual citizenship) as well as residence and work permits. In addition we help obtain visas to Austria.

Economic and political stability, an excellent infrastructure as well as a positive attitude towards immigration have made Austria one of the primary targets for immigrants within and from outside Europe in recent years and decades. As a result, people from abroad are attempting to obtain legal status in Austria and frequently apply for residence and work permits as well as for Austrian citizenship.

Legal residence and Austrian citizenship are precious assets for individuals. Once having obtained legal residence in Austria, people rarely leave our country again. Austria´s reputation as immigration-friendly country has led to an increased influx of immigrants in past decades. In order to control this influx, the Austrian government has set new and restrictive standards with respect to the issuance of permits and citizenship.

Our legal services include work performed for individuals as well as corporations and their employees, respectively. Moreover, our services extend beyond the legal work, as we support applicants in other areas that are tied to living in Austria. As an example, we help by doing contract work with property rentals, assist with health insurance queries, incorporation and university applications.



Our law firm assists individuals in obtaining various forms of residence permits as well as special work permits under national and EU law. Moreover, we represent clients desiring to reunite their families, study in Austria or obtain Austrian citizenship.


Smooth and competent representation in legal matters is of particular interest for corporations and their employees. Our skillset and experience relating to domestic law and the Austrian legal system enables to offer solutions for our corporate clients.



Experience counts. It saves money and things get accomplished faster and easier. Our legal professionals have the necessary experience.


We are up-to-date on all immigration issues in Austria. Moreover, we specialize in administrative law.


We are a full service law firm. Our services include legal consulting as well as administering the necessary legal steps

Immigration Law Austria


The Austrian government supports and promotes legal immigration. This particularly applies to skilled workers and persons that are capable to prove to be an asset to the country. Moreever, citizenship can be granted, for example, if a person has earned special merits for the Republik of Austria (sports, culture) or has contributed significantly to specific causes or interests.


Foreigners may work and reside in Austria under "special permit" programs. The legal framework for these programs are – inter alia - so called “cards”.

Red-White-Red Card - The program is named after the colors in the Austrian national flag. It is fairly new and targets highly skilled or otherwise qualified persons to work in Austria. Self-employed business individuals and students may, if the necessary criteria are met, apply for this card as well. Moreover, individuals who have been employed for more than 10 months in Austria may be eligible to participate in the program.

EUBlue Card – Similar to the Red-White-red card, the EU Blue Card is a work permit program designed to attract skilled workers. The Blue Card Program is designed to facilitate permanent residence status within the European Union. It is an attractive option for corporations with offices within the EU.

Residence and Work Permits

In addition, special permits may be obtained under the following programs:

FFamily Reunification - Persons may be granted residence status in Austria based on the family reunification section of Austrian Immigration Law. If one member of a family has the legal status to stay, other family members be be granted the right to stay in Austria as well.

RResidence and Work Permits - Austrian Immigration Law allows the issuance of residence permits for corporate executives, scientists and students as well as for specific private purposes. We assist clients in obtaining residence and work permits.

Dependents` - Dependents of Austrian nationals may be eligible for legal residence in Austria. Whether one should apply under this program should be assessed after conducting the necessary research. We assist with preparing the paperwork and file motion with immigration authorities on your behalf.


Austrian Citizenship – Austria is restrictive with respect to granting citizenship. Due to the influx of foreigners in the past, this restrictive approach is rather to tighten than to loosen in the years ahead. Obtaining citizenship in Austria should be considered a long-term project. Legal advice is clearly recommended when seeking for Austrian citizenship. More importantly, we also handle issues with respect to dual citizenship. In doing so, we guide our clients on how to properly handle this matter, which requires experience and profound knowledge of the law.

Please make sure not to submit any applications without the proper documentation and legal advice. Our legal professionals assist you in taking the necessary steps.


  • Legal Residence in Austria ( 90% )
  • Work Permit ( 90% )
  • Special Permits (i.e. Austria Card) ( 85% )
  • Visas ( 90% )


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